How Small Business Owners Can Keep Customers Happy in a Busy World

I’m excited to have guest writer Chelsea Lamb from Business Pop share this post!

Customers have a lot of options these days. With the convenience technology has brought to shopping, people have the ability to be more selective with where they get their products and services. Small business owners must keep this in mind if they hope to grow and succeed. No matter what kind of company you run, pleasing busy customers needs to be at the forefront of your business operations. Here is some advice for keeping your customers happy.

Develop an outstanding website and app

A company’s website is one of the most important aspects of their business. As the trend toward online shopping steadily grows, it’s too easy to get left behind when you don’t have a solid website. Whether you sell products or services, make sure you have a website that is both appealing and functional. Most customers will form an opinion about your company as soon as your website loads. If the design is simple and attractive — with good fonts, colors, photos, and a nice layout — it immediately gives the impression that a company is a legitimate source for goods and/or services.

Your website must also be easy to navigate. A lot of this has to do with having a good layout, but it’s also important to have a quick and easy checkout process, as well as functioning links that take the customer where they need to go. Furthermore, good content (e.g., blogs, product/instructional videos, etc.) can help boost your company’s credibility and appeal.

Along with a responsive website, you can boost sales by creating a user-friendly app for your business. Investing in an app can improve your brand, build customer loyalty, and help you capture customer insights. Keep in mind that you’ll want to monitor the impact of your app. End user experience monitoring services can help you track your app’s effectiveness.

Manage customer expectations

More times than not, when a customer is unhappy with a product or service, it’s because their expectations haven’t been met. You can manage these expectations by accurately presenting your products or services and delivering on your promises. This means having good, professional product photos on your website that don’t mislead your customers, as well as clear and detailed descriptions of any services you offer. The happiest customers are those whose expectations are exceeded. Therefore, have their busy lives in mind when you plan every aspect of your operations—from online inventory, checkout and delivery to providing an exceptional service on time.

Create a clear line of communication.

Another way to exceed customer expectations is to communicate with them clearly and often. Whether your business has 100 employees or three employees, make the time to respond to customers’ questions and needs quickly. Respond as soon as possible to phone calls, emails, and chatbots with information that helps solve your customers’ problems. A lot of customer frustration comes when they can’t get in touch with a company. Prioritize your customer support by developing a system that puts the customer first.

Also, try not to mix communication channels. That is, if a customer calls you, don’t tell them you will contact them later through email; call them back. Otherwise, you risk making the experience confusing and less convenient for the customer.

Customers will often look elsewhere if they are unhappy with the product or service your company provides. Prioritize your website by making sure it’s well-designed, attractive and functional. Make it clear to your customers what they can expect from your company, and deliver on the goods. Lastly, provide exceptional customer service. Employing these tactics can take your business from great to impeccable.

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