My Users Don’t Like SharePoint — Series Wrap Up

So it's over, my little series has come to an end. Thank you so much for joining! We visited some of the most popular areas users and admins complain about SharePoint. I also received loads of feedback, you all rock. Please, keep it coming! Which leads me to my final point...

My Users Don’t Like SharePoint Because of Me (you)!

This is Part 8 of my series on 'My Users Don't Like SharePoint...' How many times have you come home and said to your spouse "I didn't do my job today, I did this and that, but not my actual job." SharePoint might be in that list of stuff that's not on your list. I... Continue Reading →

My Users Don’t Like SharePoint…New Series!

SharePoint gets such a bad rap. I've been collecting thoughts, tweets and blog posts complaining about SharePoint, and I've discovered a common theme, or themes: Haters gonna hate; legitimate bugs or issues; and poor implementations. I want to tackle the one item I feel like we can actually do something about, poor implementations. Before I... Continue Reading →

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