Some great customer service with @Spotify

Everyone once in a while you come across fantastic customer service, and I really wanted to highlight this experience. I posted: .@SpotifyCares no audio on my #Xbox, says it's playing. Just reinstalled the app. — David Lozzi (@DavidLozzi) October 11, 2017 2 minutes later, I posted: Never mind, my kid pranked me. Lowered the volume... Continue Reading →


Coming Soon…

I promise there's more posts coming soon. I thought I'd share this comic from Incidental Comics... Kinda where I'm at... My best motivation is you, my readers and the SharePoint community at large. Expect some posts coming soon (I do have some time off around Christmas). Til then, happy SharePointing!

Keep a love hate relationship with SharePoint

This is in response to the SharePoint'er (architect, administrator, developer) who has had it with SharePoint and cries "no more, I hate it". New users and customers who see SharePoint, love it. Companies realize SharePoint's potential in a few minutes of learning about it. It's a wonderfully powerful application. SharePoint in most cases can completed 80%... Continue Reading →

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