Creating a communication process in Microsoft Teams with Power Automate (Flow)

Company-wide communications are tough to do well. Generally, most rely on mass emails that clutter inboxes of people who ignore them or even set up rules to remove them from their inbox. Larger companies have different office locations, which also have their share of communications which are probably more pertinent to their people than national... Continue Reading →

Power Automate (Flow) to share communications into multiple Microsoft Teams at once

In my other blog post, I walked through the business case and options behind this flow. My goal in this post is to dive deeper into what the flow is and how it was built. Beauty, isn't it? For starters, the flow is an Automated flow using a SharePoint - When an item is created... Continue Reading →

My three wishes for Microsoft Teams

If I could ask three wishes for Microsoft Teams I think Microsoft Teams is great, I prefer it over it's competitors for a few reasons: Fan of the UI, the focus on replying to threads vs an uncontrolled conversation feed Integration across O365 and beyond Stickers! Not GIFs, but the customizable stickers (it's the small... Continue Reading →

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