Showing users’ profile pictures in a SharePoint list

Special thanks to Joann for the question! A common use case is to have a list of people in a list in SharePoint, maybe they're members of a project, contacts for a department, your favorite people to talk to, whatever it may be, you have a list. This example is a listing of my teammates: Now I'd... Continue Reading →


SharePoint Script: Hide or Disable your fields

This one has been on my list for a while. I've used a collection of JavaScript methods to help streamline customizing forms in lists. I have created and compiled this little collection starting probably 5-6 years ago, and over time I'm constantly updating, tweaking, enhancing it, especially more so as of late working with Office... Continue Reading →

PowerPivot Walkthrough Using SharePoint Lists

Before we can just walk through using PowerPivot and SharePoint, we need to make sure things are in order. Some prerequisites PowerPivot has been installed and properly configured on your farm. Download PowerPivot for Excel 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2 version (SQL 2012 version WILL NOT WORK!) for free at I am using the Northwind sample... Continue Reading →

Country List for Field Defs in SharePoint

Below is a country list for use in a field definition for SharePoint. Enjoy! <CHOICES> <CHOICE>Afghanistan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Algeria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Andorra</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Angola</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Antigua and Barbuda</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Argentina</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Armenia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Australia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Austria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Azerbaijan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bahamas, The</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bahrain</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bangladesh</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Barbados</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belarus</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belgium</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belize</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Benin</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bhutan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bolivia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bosnia and Herzegovina</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Botswana</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Brazil</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Brunei</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bulgaria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burkina Faso</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burma</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burundi</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cambodia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cameroon</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Canada </CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cape Verde... Continue Reading →

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