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Throughout my blog posts you may find articles with scripts, utilities, and other supporting applets targeting developers, IT admins, and the like. I also create apps, for general consumer use! See below!


SWordle – Wordle for Star Wars

That same great game we all play, is now available using Star Wars words! You can play it here: SWordle – Wordle for Star Wars. Follow my Star Wars twitter handle @AurebeshFiles for updates and other Star Wars nerdom.

I created it in ReactJS, no back end. Sorry, my code repo is private as I don’t want anyone getting any ideas of figuring out the words, too easily. I’ll be writing a post about what I built soon.

Ultimate Star Wars Timeline

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of Star Wars. I got to the point where I needed something to keep track of who’s who and when and where. So I created the Ultimate Star Wars Timeline! This little site shows all the characters that span multiple movies or TV shows, and what their age is at each time.

I created it using ReactJS, it’s a self-contained app, all the data is in JSON files in the app itself. Maybe I’ll create an API for the data at some point if it’s ever needed. You can see my code on github.

Check it out at

Santa Parade for Wilmington, MA

My hometown puts on a Santa parade each Christmas. I had the wonderful opportunity to create a site for tracking where Santa is along the route! Check it out at, and of course the code on Github.

This was created in ReactJS, using AWS Amplify (GraphQL, DynamoDB, Hosting, Auth, Analytics) and Google Maps.

Cookie Parser

Sometimes we still work with cookies, and there are some significant limitations there. I created this little util for me to paste in the cookies and get a sense of size of all of the cookies. Code on GitHub.

Check it out at

Dan’s Diet

I created this for my good friend, Dan. He sometimes has some weird dietary requirements. I cook dinner a lot with him, and have spent much of my prep time asking what he can and cannot eat. This app is designed to allow him to specify what he can and cannot eat, and specify substitutions as well.

As I’ve been building it, I started thinking about parents, and that is where I think this app will really shine. Many children have allergies and restricted diets. This app will allow a parent to specify a child’s diet and then share it with their family and friends, or even a babysitter or nanny.

It’s not hosted yet, but will be coming soon, hoping before the end of the summer 2023.

The source code is open source, and I welcome any contributions or feedback. View it on github.


Retired – Virtual Happy Hour

RETIRED – I retired this app as usage slowed down dramatically as the vaccine was rolled out and other main stream products like Zoom came out with very similar capabilities I have here. My goal wasn’t to create yet another video app, it was to fill a gap I saw when COVID hit. Happy to have this use as much as it has! The source code is still available and I could spin this back up if there’s interest.

I created this when COVID-19 hit, because I saw a rather large gap in the remote options. Zoom was the only one that had the idea of bringing a ton of people together and then, as they call it, put people randomly into breakout rooms. This is great, however, it does cost extra and doesn’t really fit into a happy hour.

My Virtual Happy Hour app allows you to have a large party, like a happy hour, and be able to selectively have side conversations during that party. Just like a real party, everyone doesn’t sit there and just listen to 1 person talk at a time. My app allows anyone in the party to have conversations with a few people at a time, and see who else is having conversations and go join their conversation. It’s driven by the participant, not the host. (Although there are some host options available).

The source code is open source, and I welcome any contributions or feedback. View it on github.

But wait, there’s more!

I have a couple of other small ideas like these I’ll be working on the coming months.

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