When Power Automate (Flow) can't find your Microsoft Form

Sometimes it happens, Flow can't find a Form you created. I find this happens the most when you have just created a new form, however I've had other forms just not show up. I don't know why this happens. If you really want to resolve it, contact Microsoft support. I guess it's a caching/timing thing... Continue Reading →

Power Automate (Flow) to share communications into multiple Microsoft Teams at once

In my other blog post, I walked through the business case and options behind this flow. My goal in this post is to dive deeper into what the flow is and how it was built. Beauty, isn't it? For starters, the flow is an Automated flow using a SharePoint - When an item is created... Continue Reading →

Hello, I’m an Automation Junkie

This is post was originally posted at Slalom Technology. I’m addicted to automation, across all aspects of life. Is this a bad thing? I like to be efficient, remove the tedious work from my list and let a robot do it instead. Is this so bad? A little history… I’ve been a developer for about 20 years.... Continue Reading →

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