Create your personal list mailer with Microsoft Flow

I had a need and all I needed was more Flow! In a communications site in SharePoint Online, I have a list of contacts for my committee, something like: This list is great, it lets everyone see who's who across the committees. Now I want to email them, sometimes just the Liaisons, sometimes just the... Continue Reading →


My Slides and Scripts for IT Pro intro to Office 365 Dev PnP PowerShell

I had the awesome privileged of speaking at this years SharePoint Saturday New England. It was a great event, and huge thanks to the organizers and sponsors! I presented on the Office Dev PnP PowerShell initiative. This is a great open sourced framework to help expedite a lot of SharePoint related tasks like site management,... Continue Reading →

SharePoint’s Not Dead…. It Procreated!

SharePoint is amazing. It has been great over the years. Seeing it grow up from a basic document library to a robust fully featured enterprise portal and content management, with search, taxonomy features, modern development methodologies, BI, an App Store and so much more. Click the slides to watch the videos And then things got... Continue Reading →

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