We all know what IsDlg does… wait, what the…??

Here's a little nugget I came across, on SharePoint 2010 and 2013 (including O365), and was exceptionally frustrated with. There's a difference between IsDlg and isdlg. See it? Case sensitivity. Come to find out that means the world to SharePoint. I was tasked to setup a basic Page Viewer web part to consume a page... Continue Reading →

How Can I Help?

Thanks for visiting my blog. Over the years, I've come to love the SharePoint community. The people are great, and I depend upon the vast resources available to help me get the job done. Now I want to give back. When you post to the forums at sharepoint.stackexchange.com, I'm committed to helping out whenever I... Continue Reading →

Color code your SharePoint calendar

A nice new feature in SharePoint 2010 is the ability to roll up multiple calendars into one, and color code them. In previous versions of SharePoint, this was something that was only doable with third-party products or some serious jQuery. Consider the following scenario. The sales department of Contoso has a single calendar they use... Continue Reading →

Country List for Field Defs in SharePoint

Below is a country list for use in a field definition for SharePoint. Enjoy! <CHOICES> <CHOICE>Afghanistan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Algeria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Andorra</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Angola</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Antigua and Barbuda</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Argentina</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Armenia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Australia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Austria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Azerbaijan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bahamas, The</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bahrain</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bangladesh</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Barbados</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belarus</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belgium</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belize</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Benin</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bhutan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bolivia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bosnia and Herzegovina</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Botswana</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Brazil</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Brunei</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bulgaria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burkina Faso</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burma</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burundi</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cambodia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cameroon</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Canada </CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cape Verde... Continue Reading →

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