Reusing Your Customized SharePoint Web Parts

Let's say you have a sweet web part, it might be something cool with JavaScript, jQuery, or SPServices, a simple weather web part, a data view web part, or an image. Whatever you made (with some exception, keep reading), you can export your web part and copy it over to another page or site within... Continue Reading →


SharePoint 2010 Web Parts and Their Features

Below is a list of all of the "out of the box" web parts that comes with SharePoint 2010. The column on the right highlights which Site Collection Feature you have to activate to enable the web parts. Some web parts will require additional farm solutions like SQL Reporting. Business Data Business Data Actions -... Continue Reading →


Using PowerShell to access SharePoint Sites, Users, and Groups

In this post I am going to dive into some of the basics of accessing your SharePoint sites using PowerShell. This is a pretty basic concept, but something that I think is worth knowing. Understanding the basics allows us to dive deeper into the more complex stuff. So let's start! On one of the SharePoint... Continue Reading →


Initial Topology Planning: Site Collections vs Subsites

This post was originally posted on SharePoint 365, but that site has since been retired. Should I configure my intranet using a single site collection and multiple sub sites or a use multiple site collections? There are huge pros and cons for each scenario, all of which should be seriously considered as you plan out... Continue Reading →


SharePoint PowerShell – a newbie’s findings

Yes, at this point in my life, I'm very new to PowerShell, and I'm okay with that. I was hesitant to make the jump, especially for use with SharePoint. Using stsadm for the last 7 years has been my security blanket. PowerShell, the new kid on the block, appeared to be threatening, almost bully like.... Continue Reading →


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