Zoom Backgrounds: Star Wars

I’ve only begun using Zoom.us since COVID-19 came raining down on us. Now that I’m in here, it’s a really nice collaboration app, better than some others I won’t name here.

There’s a nice little feature of using a video for your background. I, of course, geeked out, and made some Star Wars videos to use. They’re below. I’m not done yet, more to come for sure!

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Episode I : Phantom Menace

Download Episode I Intro

Download Qui-Gon Jinn fighting Darth Maul in background

Download Qui-Gon Jinn fighting Darth Maul closer

Episode IV : A New Hope

Download Episode IV Intro

Download C3PO wandering in the desert

Download the bar from Tatooine

Download the Tatooine Sunset

Download Death Star Attack

Download Ceremony

Episode VI : Return of the Jedi

Download Episode VI Intro

Download Death Star 1

Download Death Star 2

Download R2D2 in the swamp

The Mandalorian

Download Grogu (the child) squealing with fun, and vomiting

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