Why you should keep your on premise SharePoint when developing for Office 365

If you're diving into the wonderful world of developing for Office 365, or SharePoint Online, don't let go of your development environment just yet! Keeping your on premise instance of SharePoint 2013 for development will make a few things much easier, and will alleviate headaches in the long run. For starters, make sure to have... Continue Reading →

Beware of the SharePoint 2013 Apps!

I wanted to expand on Joe Capka's post: $50 SharePoint Expert or 'Why SharePoint Projects Fail' and how this will relate to the new SharePoint 2013. I agree with his point of view, a lot. I've worked with self proclaimed SharePoint experts, and have interviewed many SharePoint 'Architects' who are anything but. A .Net developer with a... Continue Reading →

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