Python Reference for JavaScript Developers

"a python that has keys of a keyboard on it and hands typing on the keys, anime" DALL-E I've known python for quite some time, but rarely use it. As clients are moving more and more into using OpenAI, some are preferring to leverage python over Java or JavaScript. As a seasoned JavaScript developer, I... Continue Reading →

npm install and the package-lock.json file

There's something that lives in many modern development projects, sleeping quietly in the root of the project, this little file package-lock.json. Most of us treat it with discontent, and ignore it completely, or at best, delete it every once in a while cause some stack overflow or blog post told us to. There are about... Continue Reading →

April Fools with these terrible NPM packages

NPM, hosted at, is a repository for storing open-source libraries, frameworks, and packages that anyone can publish to, and anyone can download from. This has great packages in it like ReactJS, Okta, DataDog, Material, Luxon, and many, many more. However, there's also garbage in here. There are some really terrible NPM packages out there... Continue Reading →

Style up your console.logs

This is nothing new, but something I only recently started doing. Ya know those console.logs you're using in your JavaScript code? Did you know you can style them in the dev toolbar? YA! In both your browser console and nodejs! Styling the browser console It's really that simple! Throw a %c in your console.log message,... Continue Reading →

Advent of Code, Day 25

The last and final day of Advent of Code is here! What a great ride! I'll share my thoughts of this experience in a subsequent post soon. Day 25: Combo Breaker Part I Working with a security key card, and some sniffing on what's going on between the key card and to door, I have... Continue Reading →

Advent of Code, Day 23

Day 23 of Advent of Code is here! See all of my other blogged solutions here and my code on Github. If you're interested, check out what my colleagues at Slalom are doing with their Advent of Code! Day 23: Crab Cups Part I I don't know why I'm still playing with a crab, I... Continue Reading →

Advent of Code, Day 22

Day 22 of Advent of Code is here! YES! It's nice to complete one in the same day again. As mentioned before, I only have so much time in a day to work on these, so the more complex ones get pushed out. This one was rather simple. See all of my other solutions here.... Continue Reading →

Advent of Code, Day 21

Day 21 of Advent of Code is here! This is another day I just couldn't figure it out. I had just a hard time realizing how to even being. I understood the requirements, I could see the answer in my head, but couldn't get coding. I was just stuck. I reviewed many other's code, saw... Continue Reading →

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