Update your Team with events from your Outlook Group Calendar using Microsoft Flow

As of this writing, there is no clean integration between an Outlook Group and Teams, other than the membership. The calendar, for instance, doesn't reflect anywhere in Teams. Using the calendar is advantageous for the team, and I wanted to share new events with the team, to allow for awareness and conversations around our meetings.... Continue Reading →


Navigating multiple calendars in SharePoint

This topic came up over on SharePoint.StackExchange.com, and I thought I'd share here too. You may want to setup a single page to view multiple calendars. Calendar overlay is a great way to handle this, but what if you want to see these side by side, and let the user navigate the dates in unison,... Continue Reading →


Calendar Overlays: Keeping events in the same window.

Previously, I shared about how to create a color coded calendar, and then taking that calendar a little further and jazzing it up with some color. One issue that has been identified with this method, and using calendar overlays in general, is the fact that the events open in a whole new window. Not cool.... Continue Reading →


Customize the SharePoint Calendar Colors

I shared a post a while ago on how to create a color coded calendar in SharePoint. This is a no code (for real!) solution, and I've received some great feedback from it. One area I want to focus on are the colors. Let's go from blah To, well, more colorful, not sure if I'd... Continue Reading →


Color code your SharePoint calendar

A nice new feature in SharePoint 2010 is the ability to roll up multiple calendars into one, and color code them. In previous versions of SharePoint, this was something that was only doable with third-party products or some serious jQuery. Consider the following scenario. The sales department of Contoso has a single calendar they use... Continue Reading →


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