All Day FREE Code Camp in Boston! Come on out!

I’m very excited that the Boston Code Camp is back this year! They paused their events when the pandemic started, and they’re finally back.

On Saturday, April 29th, dozens of experts from in and around Boston unite to share their knowledge and learnings with a couple hundred engineers, developers, architects, technologists, and anyone else looking to learn! Make sure to sign up.

In addition to being back in person, I’m excited to share I’ll be presenting along with 5 other folks from our Slalom Boston office!

Here are our sessions:

Unlock the Power of ChatGPT: API Integration in 10 minutes

Join us for a fast-paced and informative session on connecting to ChatGPT APIs using NodeJS. We will be connected to ChatGPT in under 10 minutes. For the remainder of the session, we’ll cover how to teach ChatGPT, how it calculates costs, and explore some of the other OpenAI models available. You will get up and running on ChatGPT in no time!

Speaker: yours truly, at 11:30 am

Deepfake it till you make it – Intro to Deepfakes/DeepFaceLab

An introduction workshop on deepfakes and how to use the open-source software DeepFaceLab to create your own.

Speakers: Brandon Mino and Lukas Katko at 1:00 pm

AWS Amplify: React Native

In this session, we will be discovering how we can connect a React Native project to AWS Amplify to handle simple user login, as well as creating a simple TODO data model and then reading and writing using Datastore.

Speaker: Jorge Jimenez at 1:00 pm

Building Intranet Applications with Next.js and MACH Architecture

“Join us for an exploration of how to build intranet applications using Next.js and the MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture. In this talk, we’ll cover the key benefits of the MACH architecture, which emphasizes modularity, flexibility, and scalability, and discuss how it can be applied to building intranet applications. We’ll also talk through using Next.js for building intranet applications, including server-side rendering, static site generation, and incremental static site regeneration. Throughout the talk, we’ll explore real-world examples and best practices for working with Next.js and the MACH architecture, and share tips and insights for optimizing performance, security, and user experience. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started with Next.js and MACH, this talk will provide valuable insights and practical tips for building robust and scalable intranet applications.”

Speakers: Kiran Bhanushali and Nazareth Tajrian at 3:00 pm.

But that’s not all!

These are the few sessions coming from my colleagues at Slalom, however, there’s dozens more available. Review the entire list at

Make sure to say ‘Hi!’

If you come out, make sure to say “Hi!”. I’d love to meet you. (by the way, I’m 6′ 6″ with a big beard, I swear I’m a teddy bear) Slalom is sponsoring and will have a booth, if you don’t see me aimlessly wandering around, you can probably find me at the booth. You can register to attend here. See you there!

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