Your intranet needs more than SharePoint

I recently wrote an article for the Slalom Technology blog. In it I discuss some of the lacking capabilities of using SharePoint as your only platform for your intranet. SharePoint Online and Office 365 are awesome, provide rich collaborative capabilities, but still pretty basic on the intranet front.

“Today, employees face a technology experience at work that is starkly inferior to the technology experiences in their personal lives. [They] don’t believe their corporate intranet (accessed via computer) is important for productivity and efficiency and that 40% aren’t satisfied with it for job needs. A majority of the survey respondents access the intranet site once per day or less.” ~ Forrester

You can read my article here: Your intranet needs more than SharePoint.

We can begin to move away from “starkly inferior” intranets and help employees believe their intranet is “important for productivity and efficiency”.


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  1. I guess this blog belongs to 2020. I am really impressed the way you have taken Intranet to another level, I just loved the AI inclusion in Intranet. Do you have any recommendations for ready-to-go Intranet which comes along with AI?

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