Microsoft Teams, Forms and Flow on the go!

This is the final post in this mini series where we looked at the simplicity and easy of integrating within the Office 365 stack.

Everything up to now is great! Exciting even. I can create richer user experiences without relying solely on the on Excel experience, collect and analyze responses and keep my team up to date.

What about the mobile experience? How does this all work out there?

I am running on an iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 11.2.2. I also tested this on my Amazon Fire HD 10, side-loaded with the Microsoft Apps, and I had the same experience there.

Start in the Microsoft Teams app

Fire up that Teams app and let’s take a look at the notifications we made with Flow real quick.

Flow posts in Teams on the iPhone mobile

Not too shabby! Formatting carried over pretty well!

Let’s check out the tabs

Team tabs on mobile iphone

This is when I start to get excited, just to be crushed…

Microsoft Forms in a Teams Tab on Mobile

Sadly when I press my form’s tab, I go to my browser and am presented with:

Forms tab in Teams

Yup, that’s just the Forms website. I pressed Get started, it let me login, then it just sent me to the editor view of Forms.

I went back to Teams and pressed the forms tab again, hoping now that I was logged in I could fill out the form. Sadly:

Pressing forms tab in Teams fail


I’m in edit mode again, not even in my form. So weird!

Microsoft Excel in Teams Tab on Mobile

Pressing my Excel tab in Teams on the iPhone was a wee bit better than Forms. It did send me out of the Teams app and into the Excel app, but it did put me in the right Excel file ;)

Excel tab in Teams opens the app

I can view the content as I would expect. Unfortunately not in Teams though.

Microsoft Teams mobile experience is much to be desired

The core conversation piece works well, I use it a lot across my teams on my phone. The tabs I generally avoid unless I’m ok with what I’ll get. Microsoft has some ground to make up here for sure!


This post wraps up my mini series, I hope you enjoyed it. My goal was to highlight how easy it is to integrate within the Office 365 stack, even easy for most business users! No development needed for a rich user experience on a simple day to day task like collecting data in Excel.

Please let me know what you think below in the comments! ‘Til next time, thank you!

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  1. Really impressed by this ‘mini-series’. I love seeing real-world ways that we can use the various tools in the suite together. Well done!

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