Collect Survey Results Seamlessly in Microsoft Teams with Forms

This post is the the second post in this mini series as we look at how easy the Office 365 stack integrates. In this series, we will:

In my previous post, we quickly created a Form to collect data in our Excel file. If you have this type of form, or really any form, you may want to embed the form in your team so: team members can see the results quickly and easily; to solicit submission; or collaborate on editing the Form!

Microsoft Teams – Your collaboration hub

I’ve fallen completely in love with Microsoft Teams. It is what I’ve wanted out of the SharePoint space for yeeeears. Teams is far from complete, but is off to a solid start competing against Slack, and in my opinion, blowing it away. But I digress…

To add Forms to your team channel, we simply add a new tab! Really that simple.

Add Microsoft Forms to Teams

Press the + icon up in your tabs.

Microsoft Teams add a new tabThen select Forms

Microsoft teams add forms tab

Don’t get too distracted, focus, you can play with all of the other offerings later in here!

After you select Forms, you’ll be asked to create or add existing. In my case I am going to add existing, but if you wanted to, you could create a new one.

Adding Microsoft Forms to Teams

When I select the form I want to display, I can select what view of the form I want to show, this option is in the drop down, right below the forms list (in the above picture, it’s the drop down with the value Collect responses). The options are:

  • Collect responses – this will add the form in the submission view, allowing your users to submit entries.
  • Show results – this will show the results page of the form, including it’s charts and responses.*
  • Collaborate – this will show the form in edit mode, and anyone in the team will be able to edit the form’s layout. Very helpful when aiming to get feedback on your survey.

*If you select Show results, note the little checkbox “A web address will be created. Anyone with it can view a summary of responses.” This is basically saying that when selecting Show results, it is getting an anonymous link to the page, so anyone who finds the link could see your results. <shudder/>. A good alternative approach is to try my previous post in this series, save your results to Excel, and then show that in a tab instead.

I’m going to select Collect responses. I also unchecked Post to the channel about this tab, as I don’t want to share this example.

Once it’s added, your form is now in your channel!

Microsoft Forms in Teams

Next I will rename the tab so it’s more meaningful to my users. Click the menu in the tab and select Rename. I renamed mine to Booth Signup.

I also added my previously mentioned Excel file to my channel as a tab, so I can see my results:

Microsoft Excel Forms Results in TeamsDone!

In this short post we added our form to Teams to collect responses. In my next post we’ll notify the team of submissions using Microsoft Flow!

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