How I got into SharePoint

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How long have you been using SharePoint?: 8 years

What’s your current role: SharePoint Consultant

Your Story: I started with SharePoint 2.0, WSS2, when a customer knew of its functionality and said “I want that”. I created a basic case management list, a calendar and a task list. I instantly fell in love with SharePoint. Being a web developer (ASP and then ASP.Net) since 1997, SharePoint made life so much easier for many solutions (built in user management, calendaring that works, lists, etc). I continued with a handful of installs using WSS2, then when WSS3 and MOSS 2007 came out, we upgraded and rolled heavily with that version. It was this iteration of SharePoint that I dove deep into customization and development, and moved from being a web developer to a SharePoint developer and architect. And of course, when SharePoint 2010 came out, I jumped on and been cruising along ever since!

What’s next for you: Over the last couple of months, I have eagerly moved forward with increasing my social contributions by way of blogging and helping out in the forums. The community helped me along so much over the years, I want to give back as much as I can. I am pursuing certifications and additional training to help improve my expertise and offer more assistance in the community as a whole.


How about you?

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