Giving mobile users the same experience in SharePoint 2010

In most cases, when I design and build a custom branded solution for a SharePoint site, the customer wants the site to render the same for mobile devices. Instead, SharePoint redirects the user to a different layout.

This request is quite common across the world wide web. Most sites you visit on your computer will render the same on your mobile device, whether Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. The few sites which do have different layouts for mobile sites do so either to limit functionality or simplify a really busy site.

Out of the box, SharePoint will redirect your mobile users to the mobile version of the site, which is boring and doesn’t contain web parts. It is basically a list of lists, libraries and sites which have been configured for mobile access.

Mobile view of SharePoint

Blah. This site’s home page has 3 web parts which are pertinent to my users, and they can’t get to them here. Not an ideal setup. So instead, I’d like them to get to my full SharePoint site.

To disable SharePoint from redirecting users to the mobile version, there is a hidden feature you can disable using PowerShell. It’s quite simple, and is below.

disable-spfeature -identity MobilityRedirect -url http://addressofsite

The mobile site remains available at http://addressofsite/m, but your mobile users will have the same full experience (less browser limitations) as your desktop users.

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    1. Great question. Simply run enable-spfeature with the same options

      disable-spfeature -identity MobilityRedirect -url http://addressofsite

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