Advent of Code 2022 is here!

The awesome Advent of Code is back for 2022! You can follow along on my github repo or follow on Twitter or Mastodon.

Check out my finished Advent of Code solutions here. You can plug in your own puzzle inputs and find your own answers too!

This year, I’ll be doing my puzzles in React again, but will be pulling in a different UI component library each time. I’ve found about 20 of them so far, check my list here. I am not super creative or artistic, so I wanted to explore all the options to see if any really tickle my fancy and can help me improve my UIs with minimum effort.

Wait, what is Advent of Code?

If you’re new to this, let me share what I shared previously:

I found this neat little site, big thank you to Eric Wastl, called the Advent of Code. It will provide two coding challenges everyday, with the goal to save my Christmas! There’s a cute story behind it, go check it out. I have to collect 50 stars, 2 per day, 1 per puzzle, to save my Christmas.

It’s a daily coding challenge. In years past, I learned some new things and some important things. Check out my Advent of Code lessons learned.

I hope to do it all this year, but knowing what I know about the AoC, some of these can be stupidly hard, and who has unlimited time? :D We’ll see how I do.

Got Slack?

My good friend and colleague, Connor, shared how he integrated our Advent of Code leaderboard into Slack, make sure to check it out!

Are you AoC’ing?

I’d love to check out your repo, share below in the comments! Here are repos of some of my other colleagues at Slalom:

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