Help me fight cancer with the PMC and Dana-Farber

Cancer sucks, right? No, I don’t have it (thank God!) but there are too many people who do. I’ve had friends and family go through it and thankfully some recover and are in full remission! However, that’s not always the story, some have that nasty thing come back. I’m blessed no one I know has died, but I know families that have been wrecked by it. Cancer just sucks, all around.

The Pan Mass Challenge,, is a bike-a-thon fundraiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Research Institute. In fact, they’re Dana-Farber’s largest fundraiser! They’ve raised over $831,000,000 (yes, millions) since 1980. During the pandemic, they raised over $100,000,000 (again, yes, millions)! Every single dollar raised goes to Dana-Farber!

There’s a lot riding on us

Help me fight for our loved ones today, and our children tomorrow.

I am excited to be riding in my third PMC this year! In my first two years, I rode 50-mile routes and have raised over $4,800 (no, not millions)! This year, I’m riding 100 MILES! My fundraising goal is $4,000! Can you help me reach this goal?

Check out my PMC profile here and donate. Follow me on Twitter to see updates on my training and fundraising progress.

Slalom at PMC logo

I’m also excited to bring a new team to the PMC! I’m captain of the new Slalom team, bringing 20 new riders, all focused on raising money for Dana-Farber! Our team goal is $50,000! Check out our team profile here, explore all the riders, and please donate!

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