You have to check this out #48in48

Imagine a weekend, only 48 hours, with more than 100 of Boston’s best and brightest, piled up in a single space, a little tired, coffee flowing, building 48 brand new websites for 48 worthy nonprofits.

“Where do I sign up?”

You, just now is a volunteer organization that facilitates these amazing weekends across the country. They design, build and host 48 websites in 48 hours for 48 nonprofits, all at no cost.

Here’s a snapshot of the size and scale of their impact:

They can’t do this alone, they need people with varying skill sets, like project managers, WordPress gurus, content managers, and more, to volunteer over a weekend. Will you consider joining us? Slalom has partnered with 48in48 over the last 3 years, and this year we’ll be hosting the event in our new space! We’re excited to continue to support 48in48 and the nonprofits and we’re excited to include as many people from the Boston market as we can! (and any market, but I work in Boston…)

This year the event will be held October 25th through 27th. If 48 hours straight is scary, that’s okay. You do not need to be there, present, for 48 hours (I head home and get a good night’s rest each night) but you can if you’d like.

I hope to see you there! I’ll be bringing along my 16 year old son to help out too!

Check out Slalom’s 48in48 page to learn more and sign up!

Feel free to reach out directly to me with any questions, leave a comment below, hit me up on Twitter, LinkedIn or email me at david.lozzi at

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