Showing users’ profile pictures in a SharePoint list

Special thanks to Joann for the question!

A common use case is to have a list of people in a list in SharePoint, maybe they’re members of a project, contacts for a department, your favorite people to talk to, whatever it may be, you have a list. This example is a listing of my teammates:

slalom people list

Now I’d like to spice it up a little and see their pretty little faces. In my example, I’m just using the Title field to store their names (well, the Title field renamed to Name, regardless, same scenario). This won’y fly. We need to add a people picker to the list. I added one called Account Details. You could name yours Photo, Pic, Face, etc.

Add a people picker to the list, and add the correct values:sharepoint list with names

You can edit this view in Quick Edit mode, and copy/paste the Name column into the Account Details column.

Now let’s configure it to show their picture! (yes you could’ve done this with the above step, but for illustration purposes I add more steps)

When you edit the People Picker Field, check out the Show Field property.

edit people picker

See the few options at the bottom? Picture Only, select one. In my example, I selected 72×72

people pictures in sharepoint

BLAM! Profile pictures!!

Now I’ll let my team know I’m sharing their pretty faces.

‘Til next time, Happy SharePointing!

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  1. But i have question. I have users whose profile pictures have been populated in Mysites pages from AD, but using the steps you showed above, i am not getting the pictures populated?

    1. This is using default SharePoint functionality, as you’ll see there ain’t no code ;). Check the URL path to the image, if you have your MySites setup in a separate web app, you may need to authenticate there first.

      1. Would you happen to know how I could get the picture to show up without authenticating again. Users already logged in to the main application.

        1. Huh that’s odd. Check the URL path of the image. I’d guess SSO isn’t configured to that different domain path? If it’s the same domain it should be promoting.

        1. Yea, that’s the issue, it’s sending you to server1. If I remember (been many years) this is how your My Sites are configured. It could be something like the order of the hostnames in IIS, or how it’s configured in Central Admin. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly, it’s been way too long.

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