More iPad support for SharePoint: Dashboards, PowerPivot, & Excel!

It’s nice to see Microsoft playing nice with others. The cumulative update 2011-12 (CU Dec 2011, or Feb 2012) includes improvements around the iPad. Specifically, users can now access dashboards, Excel services, and PowerPivot services via their iPad!

For complete details, check out There’s a great video on that page that walks through how well it works.

Taking my PowerPivot walk through I posted about previously, I accessed it via my iPad and found it worked very well. Check out the screen shots below.

Initial screen after opening the document
Same experience and messages as using on a PC
Quickly and easily selecting a slicer, see the data update
Going deeper into the data, fast and easy!
Tried opening in Excel, fair enough!

3 thoughts on “More iPad support for SharePoint: Dashboards, PowerPivot, & Excel!

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  1. Hi,
    I am opening Power Pivot excel file on iPad getting following error message
    “The file that use selected could not be found.Check the spelling of the file name and verify the location is correct.”

    Even its working fine on my local machine.

    Please help me if you have any idea.

    Rakesh Mahajan

    1. I’m not sure on this one. Make sure your SharePoint farm is updated to at least the recommended CU Dec 2011 or Feb 2012. Post your issue on, see if the greater community can help. Good luck!

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