SharePoint: Search as You Type

My first CodePlex project! WOO HOO.

I saw some references online about being able to search as you type in the search box in SharePoint. I thought cool and continued searching and came across a few people who have done it. I compiled and took the stuff I liked from

  • Jan Tielens’ post introducing the idea.
  • Muhimbi’s post which took Jan’s post and cleaned it up a little and attached it to the SharePoint search box.
  • John’s post which also took Muhimbi’s post and added wildcard search capabilities.
  • Herve’s post which took Muhimbi’s post and focused it on people search and added paging.

and combined the above changes and features and created a single copy. So I made the follow modifications and merges

  • Started with Muhimbi’s cleaned up version.
  • Cleaned up the results list to make it a little more readable and user friendly.
  • Added a more results link at the bottom to send the user to their full search page.
  • Added paging from Herve’s post.
  • Added wildcard search and fixed IE XML issue from John’s post.

I decided to post this up to CodePlex, seeing it’s becoming a community built effort anyway.

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