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PowerApps is a fantastic solution for your users to not only access data on their phones but also create their own mobile apps. Yes, really. Your users can create data-rich mobile apps using the data they know and work with every day, without having to bug IT. Pretty sweet.

However, not only used for mobile apps, PowerApps is also a desktop app creation tool, aiming to replace InfoPath in SharePoint, or use as a stand-alone custom web application.


Check out this post for a recording on my session at the Boston Office 365 User Group on an introduction to Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.


It can do so much :) Below are my posts regarding PowerApps curated to a single list. I hope you enjoy, let me know if you want to see something specific!

Best practices for managing controls in Microsoft PowerApps
I share some tips and tricks on how best to manage your controls in PowerApps. It can get unruly pretty quickly, but keeping these few tips in mind can help streamline your app making efforts.

Best practices for working with data in Microsoft PowerApps
Data connections can slow your app down significantly, but we can’t just get rid of them. There are some great ways to optimize your data usage and keep your user experience up to par.

Custom Style Sheets for PowerApps, pseudo CSS
Keeping your controls all in a happy format is difficult in PowerApps unless you apply some sort of a style sheet. In this post, I walk through how easy it is to keep all of your controls and screens looking consistent.

Winning with Office 365: Forms, Flow, SharePoint, and PowerApps
An easy win using Office 365, I walk through a simple use case using several pieces of O365!

Creating a User-Friendly SharePoint View using PowerApps
Sometimes creating a PowerApps is faster than working with views or more user-friendly than relying on SharePoint’s OOTB options.

Tips to entertain your users while PowerApps gets their data, i.e. loading screens
The load time for data in PowerApps can feel forever long. 2, 3, 4 plus seconds is an eternity digitally speaking, your users don’t want to wait. Here I walk through some tips on keeping your users engaged while you’re pulling that data.

More to come!

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