Microsoft Flow

What is Microsoft Flow? Awesomesauce wrapped up in a clean UI helping you automate almost anything.

I fell in love with Flow almost immediately. A lot of my work in the past has been to integrate systems with intranets, to help centralize user experiences and data hubs. Flow lends its self to this goal very well.

Check out this post for a recording on my session at the Boston Office 365 User Group on an introduction to Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

Below is a listing of the Flows I’ve shared on my blog to date. Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks for working with Microsoft Flow
Let’s talk about some best practices for working with your Flows, keeping them clean and under control.

Winning with Office 365: Forms, Flow, SharePoint, and PowerApps
An easy win using Office 365, I walk through a simple use case using several pieces of O365!

Create your personal list mailer with Microsoft Flow
This flow walks through using lists on SharePoint Online to send emails. Helpful if you want to manage a mailing list without the overhead of a full-blown campaign tool.

Automate retweets with Microsoft Flow
As I manage the Boston Office 365 User Group Twitter feed, we want to retweet a lot of our content since it can get buried in feeds so quickly. This Flow connects to Buffer and looks for certain tags in the message, then retweets it later for me.

Update your Team with events from your Outlook Group Calendar using Microsoft Flow
This is a 1 action flow that simply copies a new event in Outlook Group calendar to your Team.

Use Microsoft Flow to remind the Team of due dates from Planner
Post what’s due tomorrow, today, to your team! Sadly, Assigned To isn’t available, so it is a broad post to the team but helps keep the team aligned.

Notify your team about a new Microsoft Forms submission
Let your team react to new Form submissions as they come in! Triage requests quickly in Teams.

Using Microsoft Forms Likert questions in Flow
Learn how to properly handle those fancy Likert scale questions from Forms in your Flow!

Other Flows From Around the World

As I find some gems, I’ll be sure to share!

Setting SharePoint item list permissions with Flow
Using SharePoint’s REST APIs, use Flow to modify permissions on a list item!


There’s more coming soon! Looking for a specific flow? Let me know!

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