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A little about me

Hi! I’m David Lozzi, my colleagues call me Lozzi (pronounced low-zee), you can call me what you’d like. I’m a Delivery Director at Slalom in Boston. I’ve been a developer/architect/consultant for over 25 years (omg I’m old).

I am a firm believer in bringing your authentic self to everything you do, and I hope you see throughout my blog that I’m one who enjoys having fun! I am a dad of 4, a lucky husband, Christian, cyclist, Star Wars nerd, chef for my family, DIY-er, and so much more. These themes may also creep up in my posts.

I may have ADHD (not diagnosed but there are obvious signs) and with having a developer’s skill set, it’s challenging. I have started many many side projects, I have a healthy backlog of ideas, and have “released” a few, you can see on my apps page and many others in progress on GitHub.

I genuinely enjoy being with people and getting to know new people. I am excited about being back at community events, user groups, conferences, and the like. If you ever see me, please do stop and say Hi! Part of my self-diagnosed ADHD is a terrible memory, so I apologize if I can’t match a name to the face.

Silly little disclaimer:

If it’s not obvious, this is a personal blog. Everything I write here represents my own findings and opinions, and not those of my employer. If I offend you, please do let me know, but I don’t guarantee I’ll change it.

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  1. Thank you so much for your great tutorials. I’m working on developing work flows using Office 365 for both my employer and my church. The good thing is that as I’m learning I can implement my findings on both. I’ve found some great material on your blog and I’m very thankful for it. Quick question, do you know if Microsoft is working on allowing multiple accounts to log onto Teams, similar to adding multiple accounts to Outlook? As I’ve mentioned I work on these products for both my employer and church and we have Teams which I love, but I have to sign out of one account in order to sign in to the other.

    1. I’ve heard rumors but haven’t seen anything. If you invite your work account as a guest to your church tenant you can switch tenants easily. Switching accounts though isn’t as easy :(
      My church is still on Slack, doesn’t have O365 yet, goals for next year ;)

  2. Hi David

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    Please let me know if you need any changes to the image or category I have used. You can find your listing by looking on this page : http://o365.technology/sources .

    Many thanks


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