Advent of Code 2021 is here!

Time for my second year into Advent of Code! The first year was fun, you can see all of my challenges, answers, and thoughts here:

If you’re new to this, let me share what I shared last year:

I found this neat little site, big thank you to Eric Wastl, called the Advent of Code. It will provide two coding challenges everyday, with the goal to save my Christmas! There’s a cute story behind it, go check it out. I have to collect 50 stars, 2 per day, 1 per puzzle, to save my Christmas.

It’s a daily coding challenge. Last year I learned some new things, and some important things. Check out my Advent of Code lessons learned.

This year, I’ll be diving into it strong, but will be doing it a little different than last year. If you enjoyed following along on my blog, I’m sorry, I won’t be blogging every day. Some days the added effort of blogging greatly increased my efforts. I have a lot going on with family, work, Christmas, etc. so I can’t commit to blogging every day. I will, however, be sharing all of my code on GitHub and you can see it in action on Github Pages. You can follow along there. I may blog some of the more fun challenges, maybe, we’ll see 😊.

Last year I did the challenges with vanilla JavaScript and NodeJS. This year I’ll be heading down the ReactJS road. I want to have some fun and even toy with some UI work. I’m not a designer so don’t expect anything pretty, but I will have some fun and see what I can make the challenges look like, instead of just getting the answer.

I hope you’ll follow along!

and we’ll have some Advent-ures of Code this year!

Merry Christmas!

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