Integration: Salesforce Files Connect using a SharePoint Library

This is a multi-part series where we discuss how to integrate SharePoint and Salesforce. There isn’t a one size fits all, I will share a few of the different ways we’ve done it in past projects.

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The Salesforce Files Connect is rather limited when it comes to actual management and collaboration on documents. When paired with a library in SharePoint, it simply uses SP search and a search metadata field to return the associated files. It ignores folders. It also can only be pointed to a single library, it cannot return all documents across your site or tenant.

In our solution, files were uploaded to a separate SharePoint library, which contained account level documents, not case documents. Uploading was happening via a separate process so we didn’t have to enable uploading from Salesforce. If we did, we would’ve used one of the two previously mentioned methods. In the SharePoint library, we had a field for the account ID, which was updated by the file upload process. We updated the search schema to include it, and pointed the Files Connector to the library and viola, we had files in SharePoint!

salesforce files connect from SharePoint.jpg

Nothing really technical on this one. The Files Connect is a great way to get file visibility from an external store into Salesforce, but it doesn’t bring in document management capabilities. Check out the Salesforce support articles on how to set it up.

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