Presentation: Collaboration Throwdown: Salesforce vs SharePoint

My colleague Marty and I had the wonderful opportunity to present at the Boston SharePoint Users Group, comparing the collaboration features between Salesforce and SharePoint Online (Office 365). We did our best as we went round for round, comparing key features focusing on collaboration: social, documents, lists and data, workflows and mobility.

Download the deck here.


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  1. Personally I am a Sharepoint person. I use Office 365 and I find it easy. Looking at your slides there were very few on SalesForce that seemed straight forward. of course I haven’t used it, but I haven’t used some of the stuff you showed that exists on SharePoint but I could have easily worked it out.

    1. Thanks for the comments. We had some additional discussions during the session specifically aiming at SF, and flushed out a lot of what you’re probably questioning. In the end, we were able to point out that SF had many similar functionality as SP, and some even improved over SP. It comes down to your requirements, costs and expertise in which system is best.

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