My kids cleaned up at #SPTechCon Boston!

They cleaned up!
They cleaned up!

My kids LOVE when I go to conferences, they always make out really well. I do my best to collect as much swag as possible for them. Thanks for all you vendors who let me be a hero. I know who I’ll be calling :-)

I made out at SPTechCon Boston as well. I attended some great sessions, from business to administrative to developer topics. Every session was filled with incredible content presented by some great people. I was very impressed with how many awesome speakers were at this event. Thank you all for taking time out and sharing your knowledge with the community. You all rock!

I also had the opportunity meet a lot of cool SharePointers, both around sessions and lunch, and while I was standing  at Slalom’s booth in the exhibitor hall. This was a lot of fun, and not just because I got to throw our balls at people. I enjoyed meeting new people and discussing their projects, and hearing what other organizations are doing. I also enjoy talking about Slalom, and bragging a little bit as to how awesome we are (really, we are).

Our team at SPTechCon
Our team at SPTechCon

If we connected at the event, let’s connect again! Find me on LinkedIn or Twitter, or through SPYam.

Til then, Happy SharePointing!

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  1. I took my 18-year-old daughter to a SharePoint Saturday with me and told her we were going to get some cool swag. When she saw what I was talking about, she said “Mom that is NOT swag!!” At least your younger ones appreciate it :-)

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