Should we add Easter Eggs to our workplace applications?

I recently shared a post about an Easter Egg I created in the application I’m working on for my client. As fun as this is, I had to ask the question: should we?

Easter Eggs are prevalent throughout consumer applications and websites, but what about enterprise software? What about the apps we use at work? Are there benefits beyond just having fun? What’s the risk to the application?

These are some great questions to ask and should be asked. I wrote up another post on Slalom’s blog to address these. Check it out below. I’d love to hear any feedback!

Adding Easter Eggs to your Applications
I’ve been a developer for over 20 years and I just created my first Easter Egg! I am a big fan of Stranger Things on Netflix, so I decided, at the advice of my colleague Erik, to create a Stranger Things Easter Egg. You can view it here. It was fun, easy, and got our development team and stakeholders a little excited. I started to think about why I haven’t done this sooner, and the bigger question: should we have Easter Eggs in our workplace applications?


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