My favorite, most used app of all time…

Every once in a while I come across an app that really rocks. The more I use this app the more I love it, and find new ways of using it. This app is Evernote.

If you’re not familiar with Evernote, it’s a note taking application with which you can store notes and access them on your mobile devices and computer. It helps catalog and track information, anything you need.

Here’s what I use it for, and why I love it!

  • Images and photos are indexed (OCR), any legible characters, even handwriting, are searchable.
  • Notebook for work related stuff like meeting notes, prpjects, and track my work log,
  • Take photos of whiteboards and documents
  • Store my code snippet library
  • Using another app for handwriting on my tablet, I can take notes in my own handwriting and save to Evernote.
  • Gift tracking, through out the year I track the items my wife says “oh I love this”, take a snap shot, add some keywords like store I’m in or sizes. Yeah, makes Christmas and birthdays so much easier!
  • Household items like which paints were used in which rooms, what size the furnace filter is.
  • Recipes, take a quick snap shot of somes recipes, or one i see in a magazine, and I got it. Search for BBQ and pull up some great sauces and rubs.
  • Track my DIY projects, materials I need, photos of what I’m doing as I’m doing it, add some special notes about how to do it.
  • Personal and reflective journaling.
  • Using Chrome’s extension, I can clip web pages and save into Evernote for later reading.
  • Keep track of what is in each box in the attic, snap shot of the contents and the outside of the box, and add a few keywords for searching.
  • Write up blog posts, like this one, from my phone, tablet and computer.
  • After a phone call while driving I can take a quick recording (native to Evernote), summing up the call. Once I land in front of a computer I can play it back and take action on it. Third party add ons available which will translate voice to text.
It’s a lot of stuff, and once is all in there, its pretty easy to get back out. You can store your info in notebooks, to help break up your information. Once in a notebook I can search, or search in all notes. Tagging allows for additional cataloging of information. For example, in my code snippet notebook I tag my notes by technology, I.e. jQuery, SharePoint, C#, etc. Browse all notes by tag, or go into a specific notebook and filter by tag. The apps on mobile or computer allow you to browse by notebook, by tag or search for keywords.

If you’re mobile, and have a smart phone, I highly recommend Evernote for any aspect of your life. Start using it, you’ll find uses for it just for you!

Oh yeah, as of right now, until the end of January, Evernote is giving away a free Premium subscription FOR LIFE! Check it out here.

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