Initial Topology Planning: Site Collections vs Subsites

This post was originally posted on SharePoint 365, but that site has since been retired. Should I configure my intranet using a single site collection and multiple sub sites or a use multiple site collections? There are huge pros and cons for each scenario, all of which should be seriously considered as you plan out... Continue Reading →

FAST Search isn’t 100% with Claims Based Authentication

If you have tried to configure FAST search for SharePoint with a site using CBA and/or kerberos, you probably noticed that the thumbnail images won't appear. Apparently a known issue: From MSDN forum post Your reported issue is a known limitation in the current version of FAST Search for SharePoint, main reason being kerberos /... Continue Reading →

A poem about SharePoint

Like a nice cold beer that fills our cup We hope that Sharepoint will stay up   Our search will work, it will be great Else version 3 you will also hate.   The info is there, it is all so handy If this one fails, we’ll all blame Andy   As shared by a... Continue Reading →

SharePoint: Search as You Type

My first CodePlex project! WOO HOO. I saw some references online about being able to search as you type in the search box in SharePoint. I thought cool and continued searching and came across a few people who have done it. I compiled and took the stuff I liked from Jan Tielens' post introducing the... Continue Reading →

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