SharePoint Browser Support… Improved with 2013, really?

I wrote a post a little while ago about Microsoft's boasts on supporting all browsers in SharePoint 2010. The fact is, SharePoint 2010 does not. What about SharePoint 2013? Let's see: Right off the bat, I see this when using Chrome, but not in FireFox. I went ahead and ignored it and tested out some items... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Browser Support – All latest browsers supported… Really?

I came across Kirk Stark's blog post in which he discusses an update to Microsoft's documentation regarding SharePoint's browser support: Unless otherwise stated,  all browser versions are supported. Period. For any third-party browser (including Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.) we will support the latest publically released version. There is no more distinction regarding version numbers. Yyeeahhh! I can let my users... Continue Reading →

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