Implementing a custom Okta authentication error page in ReactJS

Updated March 12, 2020 to include Okta React library 2.0 The @okta/okta-react library is fantastic. It makes working with Okta authentication really easy in ReactJS. It helps streamline managing the user's authentication including their tokens. We came across a use case where every once in a while, users would get generic error messages from Okta... Continue Reading →

There’s more than meets the eye: Differences between SharePoint’s Oslo and Seattle master pages

If you've been looking at the neat new masterpages with SharePoint 2013, and playing around with changing them, you can quite easily see a difference between the two options: Oslo and Seattle. Seattle is what we're used to with SharePoint 2010: left nav and a top nav. Oslo moves the left nav to the top,... Continue Reading →

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