Adding your Advent of Code [AoC] Leaderboard to Slack

I am very pleased to share this guest post written by my colleague and friend Connor Tyrrell. He is a fantastic developer, consultant, principal, in the Application Development practice out of Slalom Boston. He is the founder of BrewGene, creator of Slack Codenames, drinker of craft beer, skier of mountains, runner of marathons, #CatDad. Follow... Continue Reading →

Breaking Bad: Culture and Collaboration

Excerpt from my post on Slalom Technology: Your employees are collaborating today And they’re doing it without specific software. It happens during meetings, phone calls, at the water cooler, at their desks, in the hallways. Is it efficient? Maybe not. Is it breaking silos? Doubtful. Finding the right collaboration technology for your organization can and... Continue Reading →

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