Country List for Field Defs in SharePoint

Below is a country list for use in a field definition for SharePoint. Enjoy! <CHOICES> <CHOICE>Afghanistan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Algeria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Andorra</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Angola</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Antigua and Barbuda</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Argentina</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Armenia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Australia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Austria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Azerbaijan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bahamas, The</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bahrain</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bangladesh</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Barbados</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belarus</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belgium</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belize</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Benin</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bhutan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bolivia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bosnia and Herzegovina</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Botswana</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Brazil</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Brunei</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bulgaria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burkina Faso</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burma</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burundi</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cambodia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cameroon</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Canada </CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cape Verde... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Admin Pack – Workflows and Site Columns

A while back I whipped together some web parts for assisting in troubleshooting and managing some elements in SharePoint 2007 which wasn't easy to do then. I've since converted them to SharePoint 2010. They're available for download on Workflow ManagerThe Workflow Manager web part allows an admin to view all active and attached workflows in... Continue Reading →

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