SharePoint 2013 Sandbox Solutions: Declarative or User Code, what’s dead really?

UPDATED! Microsoft has finally come out of their hole and shared! From the SharePoint dev blog posted 1/14/2014: While developing sandboxed solutions that contain only declarative markup and JavaScript -- which we call no-code sandboxed solutions (NCSS) -- is still viable, we have deprecated the use of custom managed code within the sandboxed solution. We have... Continue Reading →

Beware of the SharePoint 2013 Apps!

I wanted to expand on Joe Capka's post: $50 SharePoint Expert or 'Why SharePoint Projects Fail' and how this will relate to the new SharePoint 2013. I agree with his point of view, a lot. I've worked with self proclaimed SharePoint experts, and have interviewed many SharePoint 'Architects' who are anything but. A .Net developer with a... Continue Reading →

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