Microsoft Forms Ranking Questions to Individual SharePoint Fields with Flow

In my previous post, I shared a winning combination of Forms, SharePoint, Flow, and PowerApps. In this post, we're going to dive in deeper with the Flow used to save survey results from Forms into SharePoint. Forms will save it's data to Excel pretty easily, but sometimes certain question types are funky. In my use... Continue Reading →


Sending a beautifully formatted email from Microsoft Flow

I recently shared a winning use case for Office 365. Within this use case, I am using Flow to send beautifully formatted emails to our users. Something like: Okay, maybe it's not that beautiful, but it is colorful, has an image, and pops in comparison to black and white text only emails. Microsoft Flow sends... Continue Reading →

Hello, I’m an Automation Junkie

This is post was originally posted at Slalom Technology. I’m addicted to automation, across all aspects of life. Is this a bad thing? I like to be efficient, remove the tedious work from my list and let a robot do it instead. Is this so bad? A little history… I’ve been a developer for about 20 years.... Continue Reading →

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