How to take an effective 2 weeks off

I've been a consultant for over 20 years: I've been the eager junior developer, the overworked IT guy, the senior developer, the over eager team lead, the under qualified architect. I love my career and where I am today, however, I've also taken a lot of time off and haven't always had great success with... Continue Reading →


Should we add Easter Eggs to our workplace applications?

I recently shared a post about an Easter Egg I created in the application I'm working on for my client. As fun as this is, I had to ask the question: should we? Easter Eggs are prevalent throughout consumer applications and websites, but what about enterprise software? What about the apps we use at work?... Continue Reading →

Office 365 is more than just SharePoint

Check out my latest post on Slalom Technology's site. Microsoft describes Office 365 (O365) as a collaborate anywhere, on any device, solution. O365 is all about collaboration — and it’s true. The primary collaboration services in O365 are email and SharePoint, but there’s more than that. Many of the capabilities in O365 help supplement existing collaborative activities,... Continue Reading →

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