My Users Don’t Like SharePoint — Series Wrap Up

So it's over, my little series has come to an end. Thank you so much for joining! We visited some of the most popular areas users and admins complain about SharePoint. I also received loads of feedback, you all rock. Please, keep it coming! Which leads me to my final point...

SharePoint in Boston

As a resident of Massachusetts, and a SharePointer, I have discovered I can't easily find what's going on around town. I know to check Boston SharePoint User Group, SharePoint Saturday, and others, but there is no central place for all local SharePoint events. What if someone puts together an event that's not associated with a... Continue Reading →

Rest of the series is coming!

Sorry for the delay in getting the My Users Don't Like SharePoint series finished off. Holidays were surprisingly busier than expected, which is good. I plan to be back on schedule this week. Happy 2013!

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