Troubleshooting a SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 install

I was handed a SharePoint 2010 farm with some weird issues going on, specifically around PowerPivot. First thing I checked was the status of any updates. Sure enough, there was an upgrade available (as seen in Central Admin > Manage Servers in this Farm). My continual troubleshooting of PowerPivot is in this other post. I... Continue Reading →

Troubleshooting PowerPivot on SharePoint

I recently had a battle with a SharePoint 2010 farm and PowerPivot. Customer reported "weird things are going on", and that was an understatement. This blog post is a transcript of the errors and what I did to resolve them. I hope this helps someone else in the future. First off, I checked the server's... Continue Reading →

All People in SharePoint 2010

This post was originally posted on SharePoint 365, which has since been retired. SharePoint 2007 had this great little link when you were viewing permissions and groups called All People. This would give you a full list of all people who have logged into your site collection, including any sub sites. This was a fast... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Browser Support – All latest browsers supported… Really?

I came across Kirk Stark's blog post in which he discusses an update to Microsoft's documentation regarding SharePoint's browser support: Unless otherwise stated,  all browser versions are supported. Period. For any third-party browser (including Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.) we will support the latest publically released version. There is no more distinction regarding version numbers. Yyeeahhh! I can let my users... Continue Reading →

More iPad support for SharePoint: Dashboards, PowerPivot, & Excel!

It's nice to see Microsoft playing nice with others. The cumulative update 2011-12 (CU Dec 2011, or Feb 2012) includes improvements around the iPad. Specifically, users can now access dashboards, Excel services, and PowerPivot services via their iPad! For complete details, check out There's a great video on that page that walks through how well... Continue Reading →

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