My Chat with Jared Spataro on Socializing Outside of SharePoint

Yesterday there was a Facebook chat with Jared Spataro on enterprise social and SharePoint. He took questions on the social features within SharePoint, some general questions around social in the enterprise, and of course what can we expect in the upcoming version of SharePoint. I love the social aspects in SharePoint 2010: tagging, newsfeed, my... Continue Reading →

A long list of SharePoint blogs, and a new SharePoint Social App

In an effort to keep myself up to speed with what's going on across the SharePoint world, I compiled every SharePoint blog I could find into a Google Reader Bundle. I also created an Android app which reads this same list. Below are the blogs this feed subscribes to: Andrew Connell [MVP SharePoint], Boston SharePoint Salon, Continue Reading →

Questions on SharePoint 2010 Databases

What's the maximum size for a SharePoint database? This is a very common question across the board. Microsoft's documentation recommends a maximum of 200GB per content database. This isn't a limitation, just a recommendation. They are recommending this level due to performance and maintenance considerations. When your database gets much larger than that, there are some... Continue Reading →

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