Managing SharePoint Sites Suck?

I've discovered that most complaints about SharePoint are from the self-imposed or top-down-imposed SharePoint administrators who are stuck with managing SharePoint sites. I do feel sorry for you guys, you didn't ask for it, or even if you did you probably thought it was suppose to be easier. In most cases, SharePoint was slapped together... Continue Reading →

A poem about SharePoint

Like a nice cold beer that fills our cup We hope that Sharepoint will stay up   Our search will work, it will be great Else version 3 you will also hate.   The info is there, it is all so handy If this one fails, we’ll all blame Andy   As shared by a... Continue Reading →

Country List for Field Defs in SharePoint

Below is a country list for use in a field definition for SharePoint. Enjoy! <CHOICES> <CHOICE>Afghanistan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Algeria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Andorra</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Angola</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Antigua and Barbuda</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Argentina</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Armenia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Australia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Austria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Azerbaijan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bahamas, The</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bahrain</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bangladesh</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Barbados</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belarus</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belgium</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Belize</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Benin</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bhutan</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bolivia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bosnia and Herzegovina</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Botswana</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Brazil</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Brunei</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Bulgaria</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burkina Faso</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burma</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Burundi</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cambodia</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cameroon</CHOICE> <CHOICE>Canada </CHOICE> <CHOICE>Cape Verde... Continue Reading →

SharePoint 2010 Form cannot be rendered

The form cannot be rendered. This may be due to a misconfiguration of the Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service. For more information, contact your server administrator. If you're getting this error, chances are you haven't added the state service. To add the state service, you need to run some PowerShell commands, I created a small... Continue Reading →

Effectively reading SharePoint Logs

I don't think anyone actually enjoys reading the SharePoint logs. It can be overwhelming. I've found a few techniques to mastering the logs and finding what you really want, fast. First, you need to crank up diagnostic logging in Central Admin. The default logging levels don't do a good job of reporting everything. So hop... Continue Reading →

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